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Tough Questions Need Answers

No one likes to be confused about moral and ethical issues, but that is exaclty what is happening in the world today. Everyone has their own version of what should be approved and accepted. One person says it is okay to participate in a certain activity and another person has a completely opposite opinion--but what is the real truth? Truth is only ascertained through what God says, not what a preacher or teacher tells us, not even what our parents have told us down through the years. On this page you will be able to find biblically based answers to some of the tough questions you have.

Take your time surfing some of the information on this site, but we must give you caution because much of what is on this page is politcally, culturally, socially, and even religiously incorrect. Enlist, and hold on tight!

Note: this page will be under construction for the next few months while we update and add new information. If you have a question that is not answered here and you do not want to wait, we encourage you to send us an email by clicking on the "contact us" page at the top.


This information was removed because it was developed and placed into a 246-page book. Click on the link for more details.