GRACE THEOLOGY (By Pastor Larry Wilkins)

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There has been a movement of “Grace Theology” in the body of Christ that is unfortunately lopsided and has removed any need for repentance. Yes, God’s grace is sufficient, and has nothing to do with how holy or unholy you are. Yes, God’s grace is available and bestowed upon everyone regardless of religion, color, social status, righteousness, etc. However there will come a day of judgment at which time God will decide if you reacted to his grace appropriately.


Grace comes from the word “charis” (root word of charisma) and literally means "The divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life." You will notice that grace has 2 parts (1)Influence upon the heart (2)Reflection in the life. The availability of God’s grace is only a part of grace’s significance. The other part is the influence that it has on our heart AND our willingness to reflect it onto someone else.It’s important to remember (and preach) that we will all stand before God one day. Then, He will decide if his Grace had any influence on our hearts or not. There is only one thing could keep God’s grace from changing my heart. Me.


(via Text): God's grace means something influenced God's heart (love) and His response is what we call "God's Grace." That same love should influence our heart to have grace on others. We know God's grace is limitless; the question for Christians: Is OUR grace limitless?


(Larry Wilkins is Senior Pastor of the thriving Encounter Christ Church in Abermerle, NC. He is an old buddy from Bible College.)